IT Consulting and Solution
We understand that each client in this industry is unique and has unique set of requirements. Keeping this in mind we offer and design customized solutions for the clients. We are one of the leading companies providing end-to-end solutions to the I.T. We match best practices prevalent globally in IT industry. We believe that technology can provide a way to empower the customers and can provide user friendly solutions and we endeavor to work in this direction.
We understand that there are challenges everywhere and clients require support at each level. We have a team of highly skilled and creative manpower who provide hand holding support. We strive to achieve this by focusing individually on each project and build a strong relationship with our Customers. We believe in incorporating the quality into our services at first place instead of just checking the quality parameters. We are committed to delivering the highest standards in service excellence, at every stage of the asset lifecycle from installation to eventual disposal.
AMC Services
Normally, value of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is understood in times of exigency only. AMC includes Emergency services during break downs. We offers Annual Maintenance Contract for different IT hardware and peripherals. We also offer network monitoring services to identify and resolve potential issues. AMC not only covers replacement/ repair of defective parts of various hardware be it computers, Laptops, servers, networking components etc but may also include virus attacks, Trojan problems, automatic updates, patches, backups and more. Preventive maintenance is also a regular feature. Performance is a key factor for any system. Annual maintenance contract outlines routine checking and testing to ensure uninterrupted performance and quality output. We have a highly experienced professional team to handle such eventuality. We have well equipped TRC facilities where most repairing issues are resolved.

In addition we also undertake repair / maintenance on per call basis.

FMS – Facility Management Services:
FMS (Facility Management Services) is slightly different from AMC in that it does not include any replacement of defective parts. However we deploy trained man-power who provide day to day onsite support and co-ordinate with the OEM vendors to provide warranty support to the customer. This saves the client from unexpected failures and repairs.

Data Center Services
Data center services encompass all of the services and facility-related components or activities that support the implementation, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of a data center.
Our end-to-end data center capabilities from design to optimization ensures that clients critical IT assets remain future-proof. We offer comprehensive package of managed services so that clients can have peace of mind. Under the umbrella of Data Center service, we offer support services, which address challenges with the installing and configuring technical equipment servers, storage, software and networking equipment that constitute a data center and related processes for managing data center equipment. Our core team has expertise to help organizations make strategic decisions relating to Data storage, Disaster Recovery solutions, managing and maintaining data center. We help increase the performance and resilience of client’s IT environment. This in turn allows the client to focus on core business issues without worrying about the IT aspect.

We have successfully implemented various Data center projects where we have integrated more than 40 locations on turnkey basis.

The Internet of Things is a fascinating field, and connecting everyday devices to the internet. We’re moving toward a future where devices are smarter, we are more in control and we’ll be able to leverage technology to create more efficient, intelligent devices. We are helping our clients unearth the potential of IOT.

GPS is often used as a navigation system. On the ground, a GPS receiver "triangulates" its own position by getting feed from at least three satellites. The result is provided in the form of a geographic position - longitude and latitude – normally within an accuracy of 10 to 100 meters. Software applications can then use those coordinates to provide driving or walking instructions.

We offer a range of products, which cater to various applications in this arena. The products conform to stringent specifications and are duly certified by testing agencies like ICAT.